When Light is Broken

'When Light is Broken, all the Colours of the Spectrum Appear '
is a light installation designed by Dani O' Dean for the KDG Hogeschool in Antwerp.

2018 Antwerpen

An interactive map of 2018 Antwerp with the 'mental spaces' of its residents.

Chloé Dierckx

The Art Incinerator

Proposal for an Art Incinerator, generating power with unused artworks
Sarah Hendrickx

Mijn stuk Aarde, vier geschiedenissen uit de Kempen.

In het kader van 'Kempenatlas', AR-TUR
Chloé Dierckx

Silent conquests


Work in progress

Staring into Darkness

A Future Journey

Call for contributions

Pictures of plants with a story or personal value


Both members of Dani O' Dean are currently working on a PhD trajectory. Discover their research.

Creativity disclaimer

"Under no circumstances shall nor his/her work in general or its affiliates, partners, suppliers or licensors be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising  from or in connection to the use or inability to use the term "creativity",...
Sarah Hendrickx

Bruin haar bestaat niet

In collaboration with STUDIO BORGERSTEIN
Chloé Dierckx

Rhythmic applause

"Ik ben mijn eigen passiviteit beu, sta recht en sla mijn handen op elkaar. Eerst snel, enkele bijzittenden volgen mijn enthousiasme. Daarna langzaam opbouwend vertraag ik, luider en luider. Volhardend hoor ik dat verschillende enkelingen mijn tempo overnemen. Als een kleine eenheid infiltreren we binnen het geheel en besmetten zo de volledige zaal."
Sarah Hendrickx

About Us

Dani O' Dean is a collective of artists Sarah Hendrickx and Chloé Dierckx. They work together in their mutual interest in research based artistic projects and an attraction towards the oddities of human kind and his inventions, from science over culture to the art scene itself. Although Dani O' Dean is a space to develop collaborative projects, it is also a platform to discuss and produce individual work.

The name Dani O' Dean is based on the adventures of the astronaut with the same name, read her story here.

Past members of Dani O' Dean: Liesbeth Doms

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