Dani O' Dean

Dani O' Dean is a collective of visual artists Sarah Hendrickx and Chloé Dierckx. They work together in their mutual interest in research based artistic projects and an attraction towards the oddities of human kind and his inventions, from science over culture to the art scene itself. Although Dani O' Dean is a space to develop collaborative projects, it is also a platform to discuss and produce individual work.

The name Dani O' Dean is based on the adventures of the astronaut having the same name, read her story here.

Ssst... De stilte spreekt

Een participatief kunstproject over stilte in het Tivoli park in Mechelen

'Sssh... the silence speaks',
A participative art project about silence in  Tivoli parc Mechelen


Chloé Dierckx is currently working on a PhD trajectory at KU Leuven. Sarah Hendrickx obtained her PhD in the Arts at St Lucas Antwerp and the University of Antwerp in 2022. Discover their research.

Past and much appreciated members of Dani O' Dean: Liesbeth Doms