The  Bureaucreative Age

A parafiction on the aftermath of the creative industries.

The Bureaucreative Age is a research that finds itself tangled within a corporate, economic and bureaucratic environment and is explored inside an artistic parafiction. The artist plays with an overlap between fact and fiction through the imagination of the Research Centre on Creative Abilities meandmywork. 

The story in which meandmywork is ultimately set up as a fictitious character, over-identifies itself with the bureaucratic and corporate processes experienced in the business field of creativity incorporated. In order to leave the door open for speculation, the research is an artistic act of futuring: a process to think about the future, envision what may happen, and to gain insight into actions to take in the present. 

Another part of the research enters the stage by means of an exhibition showcasing so called artefacts dating from The Bureaucreative Age and the journey of the Research Centre meandmywork, encouraging the viewer to step further inside its fiction.

The parafiction of The Bureaucreative Age and the Research Centre on Creative Abilities meandmywork as its lead role, produce their meaning in the encounter with the spectator, creating a specific multiplicity while introducing a fatalistic version of what might happen when art and creativity get absorbed by corporate dominion.

Read the fictional story of meandmywork in Forum+ (Februari 2021, vol. 28 nr.1). 

The parafictional documentary meandmywork and the (Bureau)Creative Age and the accompanying exhibition were displayed at M HKA in Antwerp (24/02/2022 – 20/03/2022).
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meandmywork and the (bureau)creative age


Chloé Dierckx is currently working on a PhD research project at KU Leuven University, Belgium. She focuses on the use of creative methods to disseminate social scientific research.

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